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Do It Yourself
International Holiday Card

Can't find the right card for a holiday? Try our Do It Yourself International Holiday Card, which lets you select from hundreds of flags and symbols, and enter your own holiday message!

Month-Long Observances
Birth Defects Prevention Month
Book Month
Cancer Prevention Month
Cervical Health Month
Clean Up Your Computer Month
Eye Care Month
Glaucoma Awareness Month
Hobby Month
Love Yourself Month
Oatmeal Month
Self-Defense Month
Soup Month
Thyroid Awareness Month
Volunteer Blood Donor Month

Week-Long Observances
Jan. 01-08. Lose Weight/Feel Great Week
Jan. 01-07. Diet Resolution Week
Jan. 01-07. New Year's Resolutions Week
Jan. 01-07. Radon Action Week
Jan. 08-14. Letter-Writing Week
Jan. 11-18. Thank Everyone Week
Jan. 13-18. Man Watchers Week
Jan. 18-24. Healthy Weight Week
Jan. 25-31. Catholic Schools Week
Jan. 20-Feb. 19. Aquarius

Day-Long Observances
Jan. 01. New Year's Day
Jan. 01. Emancipation Proclamation Day
Jan. 01. Daydreamers' Day
Jan. 01. Universal Hour Of Peace
Jan. 01. Commonwealth Day in Australia
Jan. 01. Liberation Day in Cuba
Jan. 01. Independence Day in Haiti
Jan. 01. Independence Day in Sudan
Jan. 01. Foundation Day in Taiwan
Jan. 02. Ancestry Day in Haiti
Jan. 02. Kakizome in Japan
Jan. 02. St. Berchtold's Day in Switzerland
Jan. 03. Drinking Straw Day
Jan. 04. Joygerm Day
Jan. 04. Tenth of Tevet
Jan. 04. Trivia Day
Jan. 04. Independence Day in Myanmar
Jan. 05. Monkey Around The New Year Day
Jan. 05. Bird Day
Jan. 06. Epiphany/Twelfth Day/Three Kings Day
Jan. 06. Sherlock Holmes Day
Jan. 06. La Befana in Italy
Jan. 07. Nanakusa in Japan
Jan. 07. Christmas Observance in Russia
Jan. 08. Show-And-Tell Day
Jan. 08. Bubble Bath Day
Jan. 08. Elvis Presley's Birthday
Jan. 08. Women's Day in Greece
Jan. 09. Baptism of Jesus
Jan. 09. Day of the Martyrs in Panama
Jan. 11. Milk Day
Jan. 11. Independence Day in Morocco
Jan. 11. National Unity Day in Nepal
Jan. 11. Meitlisunntig in Switzerland
Jan. 12. Clean-off-your-desk Day
Jan. 12. Thank God It's Monday! Day
Jan. 12. Plough Monday in England
Jan. 12. Coming-Of-Age Day in Japan
Jan. 12. Zanzibar Revolution Day in Tanzania
Jan. 13. TV Dinner Day
Jan. 13. Radio Broadcasting Anniversary
Jan. 13. Tyvendedagen in Norway
Jan. 13. National Liberation Day in Togo
Jan. 14. Makar Sankranti
Jan. 14. Army Day in Uzbekistan
Jan. 15. Customer Service Month
Jan. 15. Martin Luther King Day
Jan. 15. Dress Up Your Pet Day
Jan. 16. Humanitarian Day
Jan. 16. Religious Freedom Day
Jan. 16. Pongal
Jan. 16. Nothing Day
Jan. 16. National Day of Peace in El Salvador
Jan. 16. Haru-No-Yabuiri in Japan
Jan. 16. John Chilembwe Day in Malawi
Jan. 17. Penguin Awareness Day
Jan. 17. Saint Anthony's Day
Jan. 17. Liberation Day in Poland
Jan. 18. Pooh Day
Jan. 18. World Religion Day
Jan. 19. Hat Day
Jan. 19. Popcorn Day
Jan. 19. Timket in Ethiopia
Jan. 20. Camcorder Day
Jan. 20. Cheese Day
Jan. 20. Dieting Sucks! Day
Jan. 20. Martyr's Day in Azerbaijan
Jan. 20. San Sebastian's Day in Brazil
Jan. 20. National Heroes Day in Guinea-Bissau
Jan. 20. Army Day in Lesotho
Jan. 21. Hugging Day
Jan. 21. Squirrel Appreciation Day
Jan. 22. Talk To Your Cat Day
Jan. 22. Chinese New Year - Year of the Ram
Jan. 22. Lunar New Year
Jan. 22. Women's Healthy Weight Day
Jan. 22. Lunar New Year in China
Jan. 22. Lunar New Year in Singapore
Jan. 22. Lunar New Year in South Korea
Jan. 22. Lunar New Year in Taiwan
Jan. 22. St. Vincent's Day in France
Jan. 22. Ukrainian Day in Ukraine
Jan. 23. Pie Day
Jan. 23. Measure Your Feet Day
Jan. 23. Babin Den in Bulgaria
Jan. 25. Kiss Your Pet Day
Jan. 25. Opposite Day
Jan. 26. Love Your Toilet Day
Jan. 26. Australia Day in Australia
Jan. 26. National Holiday in Dominican Republic
Jan. 26. Republic Day in India
Jan. 27. Mozart's Birthday
Jan. 27. Day of Remembrance for Victims of Nazism in Germany
Jan. 27. Holocaust Memorial Day in United Kingdom
Jan. 27. Vietnam War Treaty Day in Vietnam
Jan. 28. Compliment Day
Jan. 28. Kazoo Day
Jan. 29. National Puzzle Day
Jan. 30. Change Your Answering Machine Message Day
Jan. 30. Fun At Work Day
Jan. 30. Heirarchs
Jan. 30. King's Birthday in Jordan
Jan. 31. Scotch Tape Day
Jan. 31. Backwards Day
Jan. 31. National Holiday in Nauru

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