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Do It Yourself
International Holiday Card

Can't find the right card for a holiday? Try our Do It Yourself International Holiday Card, which lets you select from hundreds of flags and symbols, and enter your own holiday message!

Month-Long Observances
Cancer From the Sun Month
Candy Month
Dairy Month
Eye Injury Prevention Month
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Pride Month
Perennial Gardening Month
Rebuild Your Life Month
Rivers Month
Rose Month
Turkey Lover's Month
Vision Research Month

Week-Long Observances
Jun. 01-08. Special Education Week
Jun. 01-07. Stepparents' Week
Jun. 02-08. Headache Awareness Week
Jun. 02-08. Hug Holiday Week
Jun. 04-10. Small Business Week
Jun. 06-12. Black Single Parents' Week
Jun. 09-15. National Flag Week
Jun. 10-16. Meet A Mate Week
Jun. 10-16. Men's Health Week
Jun. 13-20. Hermit Week
Jun. 16-22. Father's Week
Jun. 16-22. Forgiveness Week
Jun. 23-30. Amateur Radio Week
Jun. 23-29. Helen Keller Deaf Blind Awareness Week
Jun. 24-28. Take Your Pet To Work Week
Jun. 30-Jul. 06. Sobriety Checkpoint Week
Jun. 30-Jul. 06. Special Recreation Week
Jun. 21-Jul. 22. Cancer

Day-Long Observances
Jun. 01. Nursing Assistants Day
Jun. 01. International Children's Day in China
Jun. 01. Madaraka Day in Kenya
Jun. 01. National Holiday in Malaysia
Jun. 01. Independence Days in Western Samoa
Jun. 02. Cancer Survivors Day
Jun. 02. Children's Awareness Day
Jun. 02. Hristo Botev Day in Bulgaria
Jun. 02. Coronation Day in Bhutan
Jun. 02. Republic Day in Italy
Jun. 02. Coronation Day in United Kingdom
Jun. 03. Bank Holiday in Ireland
Jun. 04. Flag Day in Finland
Jun. 04. Revolution Day in Ghana
Jun. 04. Emancipation Day in Tonga
Jun. 05. Shavuot or Feast Of Weeks Begins at Sundown
Jun. 05. Constitution Day in Denmark
Jun. 05. Fifteenth of Khordad in Iran
Jun. 06. Shavuot or Feast Of Weeks
Jun. 06. Memorial Day in South Korea
Jun. 06. Flag Day in Sweden
Jun. 07. Donut Day
Jun. 07. People Love Picked Flowers Day
Jun. 07. Labor Day in Bahamas
Jun. 07. National Day in Malta
Jun. 09. Abused Women and Children's Awareness Day
Jun. 09. Profess Your Love Day
Jun. 09. Race Unity Day
Jun. 09. Accession Day in Jordan
Jun. 10. Camoes Day in Portugal
Jun. 10. Queen's Birthday in Australia
Jun. 10. Day of National Reconciliation in Congo
Jun. 10. Queen's Birthday in Fiji
Jun. 10. Great Arab Revolt and Army Day in Jordan
Jun. 11. National Day in Libya
Jun. 12. Peace with Bolivia Day in Paraguay
Jun. 12. Independence Day in Philippines
Jun. 12. Independence Day in Russia
Jun. 13. Blame Someone Else! Day
Jun. 13. Orthodox Ascension Day
Jun. 14. Flag Day
Jun. 14. Freedom Day in Malawi
Jun. 15. Sneak A Kiss Day
Jun. 15. Dragon Boat Festival in China
Jun. 15. Tano Day in South Korea
Jun. 16. Family Awareness Day
Jun. 16. Father's Day
Jun. 16. Father's Day
Jun. 16. Father's Day
Jun. 16. Youth Day in South Africa
Jun. 17. Independence Day in Iceland
Jun. 17. Organic Act Day in Virgin Islands
Jun. 18. Evacuation Day in Egypt
Jun. 18. Constitution Day in Seychelles
Jun. 19. Corpus Christi
Jun. 19. Artigas Day in Uruguay
Jun. 20. Flag Day in Argentina
Jun. 21. Summer
Jun. 21. National Day in Greenland
Jun. 22. Morat Battle Anniversary in Switzerland
Jun. 23. America's Kids Day
Jun. 23. Midsummer Eve in Denmark
Jun. 23. Victory Day in Estonia
Jun. 23. National Holiday in Luxembourg
Jun. 23. Midsummer Eve in Sweden
Jun. 23. Birthday of Cheng Huang in Taiwan
Jun. 24. Lunar Eclipse
Jun. 24. Saint John the Baptist Day
Jun. 24. Newfoundland Discovery Day in Canada
Jun. 24. Macau Day in China
Jun. 24. John's Day in Latvia
Jun. 24. Countrymen's Day in Peru
Jun. 24. Midsummer in Sweden
Jun. 24. Battle of Carabobob in Venezuela
Jun. 25. Columnist's Day
Jun. 25. National Day in Bhutan
Jun. 25. Independence Day in Croatia
Jun. 25. Independence Day in Mozambique
Jun. 25. National Day in Slovenia
Jun. 26. World Juggling Day
Jun. 26. CN Tower Day in Canada
Jun. 26. Independence Day in Madagascar
Jun. 27. Decide To Be Married Day
Jun. 27. Happy Birthday To Happy Birthday To You Day
Jun. 27. HIV Testing Day
Jun. 27. Independence Day in Djibouti
Jun. 28. St. Paul's Feast in Cyprus
Jun. 29. Peter and Paul Day
Jun. 29. Independence Day in Seychelles
Jun. 30. Tech Support Appreciation Day
Jun. 30. Independence Day in Congo
Jun. 30. Armed Forces Day in Guatemala
Jun. 30. Revolution Day in Sudan

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